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Problem Child

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i haven't posted in ages!!! so much has happened! since the last time i posted: we had another snow day, i helped move my sister into her new apartment, i missed two episodes of LOST, i saw THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA (not the movie, the actual play, like on a stage), i found out that bradley went to school w/ terry quinn!!!!, i went from "A"s in algebra and band to "B"s, shaver's wife had the baby, got second place in the second event at wausau, and i found out i have got some MAJOR problems... like besides what i already knew i had.

elaboration? okey doke.

we had a snow day for NO FUCKING REASON. therefore, i got stuck helping move morgan's shit out of the basement into a 10x10 uhaul and our van. then i had to ride w/ papa in the uhaul up to appleton and move morgan's shit from the uhaul and van up into her apartment. then i got stuck helping set EVERYTHING up for her - and consequently missed an episode of lost that i will probably never get to see b/c some celestial being hates my guts.

friday had to get up at a lil after five in the morning to get ready and go to the curling club and then drive up to wausau for the 53rd annual tietge bonspiel in wausau. it was fucking cold the entire time. generally long, exhausting, and half-fun the entire two days. came home on saturday night. i was pissed the entire time b/c i was going to be missing the madrigal b/c our esteemed coach johnson didn't take me out of the game so i could go w/ the early group. got to go to the madrigal on sunday though. beforehand me and jessica walked up and down the hallway leading to the "castle" and laughed at the way we looked in the blacklight. my white shirt was glowing through my costume! it was v. fun. pretty good. i did stare at a certain *someone* the entire time :) (actually, i stared at two certain *someone*s, but i'll leave you hanging, and NO paige, i WILL NOT let you get it out of me this time)

on wednesday while "doorjamming" to get out of that hellhole called bradley's classroom, i finally remembered to ask bradley why there are three pictures of terry o'quinn up on a board in his room. he then SHOCKED me by saying that he had gone to SCHOOL w/ terry, that he had dated one of terry's SISTERS, that terry has EIGHT sibs! gah! life is SO UNFAIR.

then that night was the trip to see PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. was picked up by ellie - actually her father was driving, but yes - and got on the LOVERLY coach bus. unfortunately shaver was sitting right in front of me - at least alyson was the one stuck sitting next to him. heh. o well, she deserves some shit. she sure gives us enough. ANYWAYS. PHANTOM was quite cool. me, ellie, jessica, kim, and alyson were sitting in the mezzanine. i had to sit by kayla, randi, and hannah b/c no one else can stand them. i can b/c i curl w/ them.

then on the ride home, ellie sat w/ alyson and i got stuck sitting w/ shaver, which actually turned out to not be that bad for various reasons. first - i could concentrate on my homework. second, i could ask shaver for help on my homework. third, we had a small but informative/interesting talk. ellie and me were talking about religion class and how she's gone to only one and blahdy blah. shaver asked me if i'd be getting confirmed next sunday, and i said no, my class gets confirmed next spring. and then i added, "if i even get confirmed." and then he asked me some Qs about religion and god and such and then he asked why i was thinking against the church and confirmation. he mentioned that he's lutheran, and as i wasn't supposed to know that, i had to act surprised and go "really?". anyway, it's given me much to think about.

we didn't get home until 11:30 or so that night, so that's why i missed ANOTHER episode of LOST. at least that one was taped, but i haven't gotten to watch it yet. b/c we got home so late i was VERY tired the next day. (just like i am right now.)

shaver wasn't at school yesterday. we all assumed it had something to do w/ his wife's pregnancy. well today there was a note on the band room door that said something about how "Baby Joseph" had been born and baby and mom are doing fine. so that's good, b/c she wasn't due until next month.

in english... well, its a long story, but eventually it gets to me on bradley's comp checking my grades and finding out i've slid to a B+ in algebra and band. i care more about band; i know my people will care more about algebra. damn.

well, i guess that's all. i'm v. tired and i think that headache of mine is slowing coming back. i will sign off now and go eat some cake. i hear it calling to me... or maybe that's just my stomach. *sigh* the snow rages on, and my fingers go numb.

Peace and love,

P.S. i didn't say anything about my new problems. wondering why? well, if so, then you don't know me well enough to know that i NEVER speak of new problems. they must be at least one week old before spoken of in any way more strongly than what i wrote. ;) also it's totally freaking me out and vaguely nasty. i will go now. Peace and love!
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