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So I guess I'm officially a Tumblr user with a LiveJournal, rather than a LiveJournal user with a Tumblr. I feel a bit bad about neglecting LJ and by extension my LJ friends. LiveJournal just started to feel like so much work for some reason. This I think is partly because of Tumblr's slightly controlled stream-of-conciousness feel, whereas LJ tends to be more personal and/or topical. Not that tumblrs can't be personal and/or topical, but. That's the feeling I get.

I imagine I'll still pop in here every once in a while to see how things are going, and there's likely to be BIG THINGS I'll feel like getting off my chest in a more private way (there's one post I've been sort of forming in my head for a while). I might start cross-posting from my Tumblr to here, too.

If you want to keep up with me, here are my Twitter and my Tumblr:

I'll never get rid of this journal, though. It and LiveJournal in general and various of the LJ friends I've made over the years have had too much of an impact on me.

See you around.

Peace and love,
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