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There is a SNOW DAY tomorrow, and THUS I list here the things I would like to and/or should do tomorrow:

1. Sleep in
2. Make Shoebox Project icons
3. Clean kitchen
4. Read more of Stone Butch Blues
5. Do Thursday's Internet class readings
6. Watch Inglorious Basterds
7. Start app for passport

OH MY GOD I JUST REMEMBERED I HAVE A CREDIT CARD NOW! Fuck, am I grown-up now or something? It's so weird that I own this thing....

Anyway, back to the list:

8. E-mail back my sisters
9. Start work on Queer Bodies paper
10. Make more Klaine graphics

Honestly, I imagine only completing about four of these.

OK, off to bed. Ciao, ragazzi!

Peace and love,

P.S. In regards to the snowpocalypse - it's, like, legit crazy weather out there. We are officially in a blizzard, and all - yes, ALL - of the roads in my county (Dane County, WI) have been declared impassable.